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  • 21 years or older
  • Proficient in spoken Spanish/ or Creole (for Haiti)
  • Licensed in Physical Therapy
  • Experience working with children
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team, but can also take initiative and work independently
  • Work experience with special needs children
  • Must be creative, patience, resourceful and flexible
  • Organizational and time-management skills to plan and maintain patient schedule, as well as documentation and reports


The physical therapist is responsible for providing therapy services to any children in the NPH home requiring them. At any given time there will be between 15 to 20 children on the caseload (this number may vary depending on the home). The majority of the care is generally focused on treatment of our current population, but occasionally there may be evaluations of new children. The current caseload includes children with neurologic and orthopedic impairments or general developmental delays. In addition, physical therapist must participate in other duties as needed, such as educating children and staff on Physical Therapy and engaging children with special needs in activities outside of their daily routine.

NPH children come from many varied backgrounds, and their needs vary greatly. We have children with mental and physical disabilities, infantile paralysis or paralytic polio, blind and/or deaf and children, children who have had serious accidents and amputees.

Several NPH homes have fully equipped physical therapy rooms, and some only offer basic PT resources. The physiotherapist is often called upon to treat big and small aches and hurts. From a sprained finger, to bony ankles, to a post bone fracture treatment to rib contusions, there are always children in need of attention. We provide the children with flexible bandages, mobilize stiff joints and provide care for the best possible rehabilitation and prevention of new injuries.

Our physical therapists also provide preventative care. Other previous physiotherapists have created programs to help diagnose possible weaknesses at a young age and start the treatment as early as possible.

Otras responsabilidades

Cada voluntario elige un hogar (grupo de niños de la misma edad que viven juntos) al comienzo de su año. El Coordinador de Voluntarios de cada hogar comunicará las expectativas de tiempo en el hogar. Por lo general, es seis días a la semana, de 6 a 8 p.m., pero esto puede variar por hogar. Esto ha sido descrito como la parte más satisfactoria del voluntariado, el vínculo y las relaciones formadas con su hogar de niños.

Los voluntarios tienen 2 fines de semana libres al mes, así como hasta 22 días de vacaciones después de cuatro meses de servicio. Las vacaciones deben organizarse de acuerdo con las políticas específicas del hogar.

Todos los voluntarios de NPH reciben alojamiento y comida, acceso a atención médica y un estipendio mensual. Los voluntarios pagan por su transporte hacia y desde el hogar y el seguro médico. Los voluntarios deben servir por lo menos un año.

Para obtener más información, escriba a nuestra Coordinadora de Voluntarios Internacionales al [email protected].




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